Mythology Scavenger Hunt




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Greek Mythology Scavenger Hunt

Using the National Geographic Website on Greek Mythology, answer each question. Then write a story that is inspired by the myths we have read.


  1. Which Greek mythological king killed the monster known as Scylla?
  2. What feature of Scylla is the most remarkable and dangerous?
  3. What other danger did the king and his men face?
  4. What is the name of the mythological beast that was killed by Theseus?
  5. Where did this beast live?
  6. How did Theseus lead the children out of the beast’s home and to safety?
  7. Who was Hercules’ father?
  8. Who helped Hercules defeat the terrible hydra?
  9. Perseus killed the Medusa, a monster that had unusual hair. What was different about Medusa’s hair?
  10. What would happen to someone who looked at the Medusa?
  11. How did Perseus kill the Medusa if looking at her would have turned him to stone?
  12. Describe the mythological beast known as the Chimera?
  13. Who killed the Chimera?


(from 10 Facts about Ancient Greeks)

  1. How long ago is it believed that Greek civilizations were formed?
  2. What food did the ancient Greeks not eat, and why didn’t they eat them?
  3. The gates to the underworld were guarded by what kind of animal, and what was that animal’s name?
  4. The Olympic games were probably named after what mountain?
  5. What were 2 things that made wrestling particularly difficult in the first Olympics?
  6. How did the Greeks conquer the city of Troy? What sneaky and cunning trick did they pull on Troy?
  7. What did the ancient Greeks invent that we still enjoy today?

**As we have learned, Greek myths are often stories that celebrate courage and strength. Write a story inspired by a Greek myth. Do not write about a specific Greek god or monster. Make up your own monster and hero. Have fun!