Reading Centers






Click on the butterfly to read about the life

cycle of the monarch butterfly. Then write

a paragraph about what you’ve read. Draw a

diagram and label the parts of the butterfly’s

life cycle.


Click on the cactus to read this article about how certain species of

cactus adapt to survive the harsh climate of the





Click to learn more about the first Thanksgiving




Click on the picture.

Follow the link to read about the different types of houses that were made by the Native Americans. What are some reasons that the homes look the way they do? What are they made of? how does that connect to the lifestyle of the Native Americans and the natural resources available to them?

Pick a favorite type of house. Write a paragraph about the house and how it was made. Draw a picture of the house.


Click the picture to learn about the Lost Colony of Roanoke.

Read the article about the Lost Colony of Roanoke. When you are finished reading, take the 10 question quiz. then write a paper about what you think happened to the colonists.

13 Original Colonies

Click the picture. Then read about one of the 13 original colonies. Write a paragraph that tells about one of the colonies.