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writerWelcome to the Blog Page

Here we can share our thoughts about the things that are happening in our lives, what we are learning in school, how we feel about our future…anything! This is not a chat room. This is a place to practice our good writing skills and get our work published.

Just go to the Leave a Reply section at the bottom of the page, and type in your blog. Please use only your first name and do not include your email address. If you forget, don’t worry. I will erase this information before I publish your writing.

Remember that Mr. Harrison must pre-approve everything that gets submitted before it will appear on the website. That keeps us all safe.

Parents: you can contact me by writing a blog here, and no one will see it but me.

* Mr. Harrison’s website is a BULLY-FREE ZONE!!



595 thoughts on “It’s the Write Time

  1. hi Mr.Harrison! its Carsyn! I hope you have a amazing break as much as I do! what should I do for math since im home???? Have a good break FROM:~Carsyn~

  2. Hi Mr. Harrison, it’s Ava from your class two years ago. I wanted to tell you to have a happy holidays! Sixth grade is a challenge but it’s okay.I hope your class is a great one this year. Happy holidays!

  3. Hi this is Kayren. Mr. Harrison you are a great teacher and the best teacher for me. I have been wishing for a nice and funny teacher like you.

  4. Hey Mr.Harrison i miss 4th grade a bunch and want to be back with you, last year was soooooo fun!!! Middle school is fun to im in band and playing the baritone. Have a GREAT year XOXO 🙂

  5. Hi Mr. Harrison! 😀 I have forgotten about the website you made and i wanted to say hi. you are the best teacher ever and I hope this year is going well for you. 😉 (By the way, your math lessons last year, really helps me with this year in math) Have a nice evening and have a Merry Christmas!

    • Hi Ava! I’m so glad that you have been able apply those great math skills you acquired last year. You were always very good at math. This year is going well. I have a very sweet class. Have a Merry Christmas. Great things are coming in the new year!

  6. Hi! Thank you Mr. Harrison! You won’t believe it, but the rectangle store helped me soooooo much on my map testing this year! I wish you were still my teacher because I would actually learn something in social studies. He lets us do tests at home and gives us the answers online for 90% of our grade! He also lets the class do basically anything. I am sooo gonna fail TCAP because of his teaching style! Anyway, how has your year been so far?

    • Hi Emma! I was talking about you to my class today. It’s serendipitous that you reached out today.
      I’m glad the rectangle store project helped you with your Map testing. That’s a wonderful thing to hear from a student.
      Emma, every teacher has their own style. The teaching is HIS business. The learning is YOURS. As I’ve said many times, your education is yours. No one can ever take it away from you. You live in the Information Age. A good teacher is more of a guide in these times.
      Don’t worry about the testing. Leave all that fuss to the “grown ups”. You just continue being the very best Emma you can be, and I promise, everything is going to turn out fine.
      You are a shining star. I was so privileged to share a year of your life with you. It was my honor.
      Have a wonderful holiday season with your family.

      • Thank you! You have a good holiday too! Do you know my friend Cailtlin? She is getting physical therapy! I made a friend in strings in the first week of school and her name is hilarious! Sage Greene. Like the color and shade!! We have a strings performance next Monday and I am really nervous about it. No one will count, so everyone is scattered. I don’t think we as a group are prepared.

  7. Mr. Harrison is the best teacher in the whole wide world. keep being a teacher mr. Harrison because you teach great I don’t know why people don’t pay attention in class, but I do atleast you’re the nicest teacher in the whole wide world!

    Love, Iesha

  8. Hey Mr. Harrison, I’m so glad Ripley is in your class! Sixth grade is going great and I’m going to try out for the track team!



  9. I was just thinking about school and my goals for sixth grade but this is not why I am witting this but I just wanted to write something so I want to say that Mr.harrison is the best teacher and help helped me succeed a lot.
    – your former student meli light

  10. Hi it’s meli I was in your class in 4th grade I was just thinking about school and I got a light bulb in my head about this website so I just wanted to come and post a little something. I just want to say Mr. Harrison is the best teacher that I had and help ha s helped me so much and it has helped me succeeded so much. thank you

  11. It’s josie again I just wanted to say that you will problobly my favret teacher in my school life and one of my favorite people in reality. We are going to do math testing on Monday. I am glad you have a good class this year and I miss you.

    I miss you a lot, you will always be my favorite teacher- Sandra

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